Gansbaai Shark Cage Diving

It is advisable to pre-book to avoid disappointment as this is an extremely popular activity
Unfortunately all operators could be fully booked a week or more in advance.

The Great White Shark is the most feared creature on the in our waters and on our planet!

This creature is beautifully streamlined to slip through the ocean with the minimum of effort. Its immense size, jet black eyes, row upon row of razor sharp teeth and extendable jaws make this the ultimate super predator and on this day, you get up close and personal !

Divers and non-divers can rest assured that diving and observing with us will be a secure and a wondrous experience.

Activity Information

  • Duration is approximately 5 hours
  • Included in the package – a light breakfast of cereal, toast, fruit, yogurts, coffees, teas etc; cold drinks and light snacks on board and then return to land for hot soup and munchies afterwards.
  • No previous diving experience required
  • You do not have to enter the cage – you can just view from the boat


What time are trips?

Morning trips usually have a meeting time of 06.00 am and leave the harbour at around 06.45 am
Afternoon trips are rare, due to the wind and wave conditions.

Where and how to get there?

The Harbour is about 45 minutes a from Hermanus situated in the small town of Gansbaai.
Transfers are available in luxury minibuses, if you wish to be collected from your accommodation and transported to the venue.

Transfer costs are generally R250 per person for a Hermanus return door-to-door trip.

Sea conditions.

Visibility, waves, wind and hot sunny conditions are all totally weather dependent.
This activity relies heavily on the weather and sea conditions.

The Price

R 1,750.00 per person


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